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In a sports-loving country like ours which has, in recent decades, produced a significant number of fine sportsmen and sportswomen in various categories, the importance of getting off to a good start - in terms of having access to the right training facility, sports gear, and guidance and guidelines from the get-go - simply cannot be overstated for aspiring sports people who wish to distinguish themselves.

Shooter Paaji, as the name suggests, is a platform dedicated to assisting budding shooters in the country as they embark on the exciting journey of competitive shooting.

Interestingly, Shooter Paaji is the first platform of its kind and what makes it even better is the fact that it serves the dual purpose of:

  • Imparting technical and vocational knowledge, and extending moral and meaningful support to aspiring shooters, and
  • Providing them with essential, must-have shooting gear and supplies to get them off the ground

What's more? Not only does Shooter Paaji strive to make understanding shooting fundamentals for beginners easy, it also offers them the unique opportunity to learn straight from the horse's mouth - experienced coaches, renowned shooters, and the founder of the page who is a skillful and devoted shooter himself!

Shooter Paaji is a humble yet sincere initiative on our part to contribute, in whatever little way we can, to the facilitation of marksmanship among the youth in the country.

We are the best learning and shopping platform for *ISSF* sport shooters and we take pride in that fact.

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