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Shooter Paaji, as the name suggests, is a platform dedicated to providing assistance to budding  and experienced shooters in the country as they embark on the exciting journey of competitive shooting. Aim Down Sight is the learning platform for shooters by Shooter Paaji.

It is the brainchild of Harman Singh Anand, who himself is an experienced shooter and has been in the field since the last 8 years. Harman observed how a good head start in the form of correct equipment, both technical and mental coaching and support reflected in the performance of shooters. 

In an attempt to bridge the gap between widespread talent and experienced mentors, he realised the importance of coming up with a platform like Shooter Paaji. As most of you would know, the Punjabi word “Paaji” stands for an elder sibling, who directs you towards right guidance. In our organisation, just like an elder sibling would, we stand with you, for you.

In a sports-loving country like ours which has produced a significant number of fine sportspersons across various disciplines, the importance of a right start - in terms of having access to the right training facility, sports gear, guidance and mentorship from the get-go - simply cannot be overemphasised for aspiring sports people who wish to leave a mark in their field.

Interestingly, Shooter Paaji is the first platform of its kind and what makes it even better is the fact that it serves a dual purpose. Firstly it imparts technical and vocational knowledge, and extends substantial support to aspiring shooters, and secondly it provides them with essential, must-have shooting gear and supplies to get them off the ground.

That’s not all! Not only does Shooter Paaji strive to create material that would help shooters, at all levels, understand the fundamentals of shooting easily, but, it also offers them the unique opportunity to learn straight from the horse's mouth - experienced coaches and renowned shooters.

Shooter Paaji is a humble yet sincere initiative to contribute, in whatever little way we can, to make Shooting thrive in India.

We are the best learning and shopping platform for ISSF sport shooters and we take pride in that fact.

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